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Best Phone Call Recorder Apps For 2021

Best Phone Call Recorder Apps

Beyond the thousand uses that characterize the smartphone today, it is always good to remember that the main function of this device should always be to make a phone call.
We often forget the importance of this feature and give more weight to features such as the processor, the quality of the cameras, or the resolution of the display.

Best Phone Call Recorder Apps

However, it must be said that today almost all smartphone models guarantee excellent performance as regards the telephone part, in terms of reception or quality of the microphones; more complicated is the ability to record phone calls, as not all software allows this type of operation (especially due to the various privacy policies that are so much talked about). Let’s see how to do it through the best apps to record calls on Android and iOS, to fill that void left by many smartphone models.

Record calls on the Phone app

Although, as mentioned, many manufacturers have decided overtime not to allow recording calls with the smartphone (disabling the option from the respective software), still today there is a niche of device models that allow this type of function.

In some cases, therefore, it may prove useless to rely on applications to record calls, at least those of third parties, as this possibility is granted by the proprietary app for managing phone calls.

To date, this feature is enabled on some smartphone models of brands such as ASUS (Zenfone 7) and a few others (Xiaomi, Redmi), while many brands have opted for the removal of this feature. But it all depends on the version of the installed operating system.

App to record calls on Android

Let’s see which apps are useful for our purpose only for Android devices:

Cube ACR

Voice Recorder Apps for Android

Among the best apps to record phone calls on Android, there is definitely Cube Call Recorder ACR. It is a tool that will allow you to record incoming or outgoing calls and also to record calls from WhatsApp and other messaging services that integrate the call function. In itself, it is a free application, but there are in-app purchases to unlock some exclusive features. You can install Cube Call Recorder ACR by downloading the app from the Play Store.

RMC Android Call Recorder

If you’ve tried Cube Call Recorder ACR before and it didn’t meet your expectations, then I recommend you give another app to record calls on Android a try: RMC Android Call Recorder. It is in fact one of the best solutions to save the phone calls made between you and your interlocutor, through a really simple and functional mechanism. The application also records a list of calls made and can automatically delete those calls that for some reason are of poor quality.

App to record calls on iPhone


Record Calls on Your Android Phone

If, on the other hand, you are trying to understand how to record calls on the iPhone then the best answer is to rely on the TapeACall application. In fact, I’m talking about one of the best apps of this specific genre, which is also available for free for a trial period usually equal to one week.

In this way, you have in any case the possibility to try the application and eventually decide whether to subscribe or not (the expected monthly fee is € 4.99). However, some users have encountered some problems getting the software to work with certain operators, but it seems to be working for all national providers.