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What Is Airplane Mode? How Does Airplane Mode Work?

Written by on September 11, 2021 in Technology, What Is
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What Is Airplane Mode

Today the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for everyday life; whether for professional, study, or leisure reasons, we now spend several hours every day glued to the screen of our mobile phones. It is clear that this is a symptom of a society in constant change and more and more technologically advanced; on the other hand, the smartphone is also used to deal with urgent situations and to help us in the most disparate daily operations.

What Is Airplane Mode

It is above all the constant internet access and the constant receiving notifications that forces us to take a look at the phone more often than we should. However, it sometimes happens that you want to get away from your smartphone and relax or do other chores without distractions. This is only possible by deactivating all connections on our phone, using a quick command known as airplane mode.

How to Activate Airplane Mode

Simple enough, you just need to lower or raise the curtain (depending on the operating system) from the edge of the screen of your smartphone, and activate the airplane mode from the hotkeys by clicking on the airplane-shaped icon.

What is airplane mode and what is it for

In the previous introduction, I already mentioned the main goal or purpose of Airplane Mode: to be unreachable by anyone, regardless of whether it is a phone call or an internet-accessible messaging application.

Airplane Mode Do in Your Android

In fact, through this function, all connections or signals on our device will be quickly disabled; consequently, we will not be able to make phone calls or receive calls, we will not be able to surf the internet and nor be contacted on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook.

Nothing takes away from being able to activate airplane mode (thus deactivating the mobile network) and enabling other connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Why is it called that?

This function, as can be seen from the name itself, was conceived in order to quickly deactivate all connections in those situations in which there is the most immediate need; an example case is a trip by plane, during which any signal must be disabled so as not to interfere with the communications between the cockpit and the ground crew.

Obviously, this is only the first type of use of this functionality, but the cases in question can be many. In fact, in everyday life, turning off all connections for a few hours can be an intelligent operation that can also solve some headaches. In fact, in the next paragraph, I will show you in detail when to use the airplane mode, giving practical examples of situations during which activating this function can be very useful.

Airplane mode: when to use it?

In the previous lines, I have therefore told you what airplane mode is and what it is for.
However, this explanation is not enough to describe the usefulness of this function, and above all, it does not give an idea of ​​how many situations can be in which this method can be useful.

Airplane Mode

The example of the plane is in fact only the first of a series of cases in which it can be useful to disable all connections, but it is clear that unless you are lucky enough to travel every day, this does not represent a situation that can be check daily.

Improve the autonomy of the smartphone

One of the many examples that can be found, and probably the most obvious one, concerns the autonomy of your device. In fact, it is known that activating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and all other imaginable connections significantly increases the consumption of the smartphone’s battery, subjecting it above all to notifications of all kinds. Activating the airplane mode, therefore, can prove to be a very useful solution to safeguard the autonomy of your device.